Hello my Chef’s, I am Seeta!

A very warm welcome to my food blog ‘Enchanted Spice’. I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do sharing them with you. I decided to share my passion of cooking, food and travelling with you.

I have self-taught myself many recipes with constantly adding my own touch, which includes different spices! However, I am lucky to be part of a big family that loves to cook and of course eat!! If it wasn’t for this I would not be able to share the family recipes with you. 

When I was growing up; I had no interest in cooking, but things changed when I went off to university, and started missing home cooking, my parents lived oversees and could not go home very often, therefore I self-taught myself and really got into it.

As time progressed, I became a lot more confident with my cooking, often preparing various dishes for friends and family.

As a third generation Indian born out of India, my family has travelled from India to East Africa and onto United Kingdom. Trust me there’s nothing better and exciting than combining and experimenting all the exotic ingredients and spices from these three cultural cuisines. I always got complimented on my cooking, and making friends and family happy with my cooking, brought so much joy to me. I have not stopped!

My career sometimes stopped me from eating healthy and cooking my own food. Being a flight attendant and constantly being on different shifts, getting the right amount of sleep, and eating healthy was tough. However, I can proudly say, it is POSSIBLE!!

I always cooked my own food from breakfast to dinners and this includes warm dinners that I can heat up on the aircraft. Aluminum containers where all over my apartment and allowed me to take my cooking onboard to eat up in the skies! Therefore, I also decided to share easy recipes which are ‘travel-friendly’. I have also worked in VIP Corporate Aviation, therefore I have learnt over time the quality of food is extremely important. From street food to fine dining and meeting in the middle is actually my new way of bringing the excitement of food together. 

Over the past few months my partner who’s ‘the flying Dutchman’ has always complimented my cooking and actually convinced me to create a blog and share my cooking with you.

He has always been enthusiastic about my creativity and commitment to perfect cooking and presentation (which was always the key during my time in VIP Corporate Aviation).

Initially I was a bit hesitant to create a blog, but now that I have given in and decided to share a big part of my life with you, bring me lots of joy and motivation. All the photos I share with you are genuine pictures that I capture in every step I take when sharing and cooking my dishes. 

I currently reside in Germany but I still travel a lot, as I love my career and really intrigued to learn about cultures and of course food, because that’s where I get my inspiration from!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my recipes, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me or leave a review on any of my delicious aromatic recipes.

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